I’m currently recording a full length Brillig album. The following track will not be included on the album, nor is it particularly indicative of the album’s sound. It is however, the best produced Brillig recording made to date and I still enjoy the epic moodiness of it.

Sturgeon Mill

From 1997-2000 I was part of the band Sturgeon Mill based out of Lawrence, KS. We produced two very different sounding albums during my time with the band. Since these albums aren’t being sold anywhere, I provide them free right here. Just click on the album cover or title to download it.

Salina Sessions - Click to Download

Salina Sessions

A lo-fi quasi-concept EP vaguely about the “golden age of radio.” Lonnie and I would drive out to Salina on the weekends and record this at a home studio. He would bring this stack of old bargin-bin records and I had a new portable sampling device, and we would alternately record one of his song’s one of mine. The end result is bizarre to be sure, but also strangely engaging.

Ripples in the Upside Down Pond - Click to Download

Ripples in the Upside Down Pond

Produced by Ed Rose and engineered by Casey Baum at what was then called Red House Recording Studios in Eudora KS, this is pretty much the definitive Sturgeon Mill album. Though it is perhaps even more eclectic in style than the Salina Sessions, it is certainly more accessible in that it contains actual stand-alone pop tunes on it. That said, it is still peppered with artsy embellishments like a short piano minuet, a set of “Dance of Chod” tracks which are best described as robotic-tribal soundscapes, and a recording of live, in-studio, crickets.


I’ve been making mixes and compilations since I was a wee lad making mix tapes from my Dad’s collection of old 45 records. Like my namesake from High Fidelity, I too consider crafting a mix an art form in itself. Selection plus sequencing of music is such a powerful form of self expression, and yet it is so accessible. Anyone can do it. Most don’t do it well though. Do I? Check out some of my latest concoctions and decide for yourself.